Find Us On Social Media: Homesteading Life On MeWe

Last year, we posted about how we were no longer on Instagram, a company owned by Facebook, Inc. I thought that meant the end of our social media presence, but recently found a platform called MeWe.

When we left Instagram – having closed a Facebook account prior – it was because of Facebook’s privacy and data use debacles, which have just continued. I missed the connections made on Instagram, and, sadly, many did not follow us to our blog.

Despite the sense of loss, dumping Facebook-owned platforms was the right move for us: the ever-present risk of misuse of our data would never be palatable. I also understood that others wouldn’t leave Instagram, regardless of the price they were paying: their personal data.

I recently became aware of MeWe, a social media platform that bills itself as the “Next-Gen Social Network”. Their privacy practices are refreshingly transparent, and they’re clear that users own their own content. In addition, they don’t use facial recognition technology, and you can delete your account. See MeWe’s Privacy Bill of Rights.

If you’re open to it, check out MeWe, and join my group, Homesteading Life. I post as “Rara Avis” (“rare bird” in Latin 😄). Pseudonyms are permitted and acceptable. Get creative!

Here’s the group’s description: this group is intended to encourage homesteaders – future or current, urban or rural – to learn from each other and share knowledge, and to provide a forum for all things homesteader…like raising animals, growing food crops, foraging/wildcrafting, living sustainably/responsibly/frugally, clean eating, fermenting and preserving, herbalism, reducing waste, and traditional skills, to name a few.

While there will be some crossover content, you’ll see posts you won’t see on the blog, and content from other homesteaders. To weed out likely scammers, there are a few simple questions, if you do apply to join – don’t let that deter you. I hope you’ll consider joining us and engaging in some lively discussions!

5 thoughts on “Find Us On Social Media: Homesteading Life On MeWe

  1. I jumped on mewe a few years ago…but no one i knew was on it at the time i deleted ( may have to look into it again) i know a few that have moved to steemit also. Im still hanging out on IG and slowly deleting my personal fb.

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    1. I get it – it’s playing “catch up” with FB, but if enough people come over, it can be a viable alternative…and you can still maintain your privacy. 🙂


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