Musings: The Joy Of Beginning

Image: Pixabay

Yes, I’m a beginner. Right now, I’m learning to play the recorder, and I’m honing my drawing skills. While it may be uncomfortable (and possibly a tad embarrassing) to realize that a 10 year old can play your chosen instrument far better than you, it should serve as inspiration, rather than a reason to never begin at all.

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Drawn: Melana’s Horse

Is that a bit of an overbite?

I doodled this bust of a horse on my whiteboard a while ago, inspired by a new friend I “met” virtually. It’s a bit cartoon-y, but I’m glad that it at least resembles a horse. Perhaps it can serve as a baseline against which future drawings may be compared – with future efforts (hopefully) demonstrating improvement!

I used to draw horses all the time as a youth, nursing fantasies of getting my own horse. I devoured novels about horses, learned about breeds and colors, and was firmly convinced that I would have my own horse (Arabians were my favorite). And maybe, someday, I will.