Around The Farm: Volunteers And Transformers

I’ve been planning a garden for the last couple of years, but have yet to actually set up the raised beds…despite having the lumber to do it. Why? It seems that other projects (interests?) always get in the way and, before I know it, it’s too late in the year to begin. Thankfully, volunteers have been allowing me to practice a bit this year!

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Haiku: Conflicted Sky

It’s an oppressively humid day – the kind of day that makes the air, heavy and wet, a presence. It feels like something is building out there, and based on the forecast, it is: thunderstorms. Frankly, it will be a relief if the skies open up and the moisture rains down because it will lower temperatures, cleanse everything in its path, and soak the dry earth. Come on, rain…we’re all waiting.

Musings: Writing By Hand

Image: Killingly Public Library

Ok, I realize that there’s some irony inherent in typing a post on writing by hand. But, after many years of neglecting (and underappreciating) the ability to handwrite, I’m revisiting it…and striving to improve mine. But is it important in today’s tech-driven society? Regardless of how reliant on technology we’ve become, I do think that preserving the art and skill of handwriting is a worthy endeavor.

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