Meatless Eats: A Vegan Roast Worth Celebrating

A stuffed roast? It is – a Celebration Roast!

You may have seen an earlier post in which we discussed that we’re not vegetarians (No, We’re Not Vegetarians…), but still often choose to eat vegetarian or vegan meals – and how people seem to have difficulty wrapping their heads around the idea that we don’t eat just any meat: we’ve elected to only eat meat sourced from farms that value humane animal husbandry and processing of their animals’ meat. We often encounter people – in work settings, for example – who either look completely confounded or even annoyed by our explanation for why we won’t eat an item from a fast food place.

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Beneficial Beverages: Hot Weather Means Lots Of Water Kefir

It’s hot here. Worse than the heat, the humidity is oppressive…it’s like a steamy blanket that envelops you as soon as you step out into it. When it’s this humid, it’s very easy to become overheated quickly because the body’s evaporative cooling system is less effective, so people who work outdoors (like farmers) can become dehydrated without even realizing it. Water is definitely a must on hot days, but I think the best – and arguably the tastiest – thirst quencher is probiotic water kefir!

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