Eat This: Banana-Coconut-Chocolate Chunk Milk Kefir Ice Cream

Why not on a black bean brownie?

Milk kefir is an amazing and delicious probiotic beverage as is, but it also makes absolutely luscious ice cream, too. What’s better than rich and creamy ice cream? Ice cream that’s studded with bits of organic banana, shredded coconut, and chocolate chunks. Oh, yeah!

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Natural Care: Honeysuckle Infused Facial Oil

What’s that divine perfume wafting through the humid summer air? It’s honeysuckle, a wild-growing vine here that’s climbed enthusiastically all over the field fencing. Unpopular with some gardeners because it’s highly invasive, it’s a wildcrafter’s delight: the blooms make a heady wine, an aromatic syrup, and fantastic facial oil!

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Musings: Eating Mindfully

Slowing it down to this guy’s pace (and eating more greens isn’t a bad idea, either!)

In today’s hamster-wheel – and often frenetically-paced – world, many people choose convenience foods and wolf them down…as I, myself, have done in the past. While it can be difficult to take time to slow down and really enjoy a meal, there are many rewards that make mindful eating a truly worthwhile endeavor.

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