Ferment This: Blackberry Kombucha Tea

SCOBY supermodel

I’ve been brewing the amazing elixir known as Kombucha Tea for years now. With this ferment, an unusual-looking culture transforms sweetened tea into probiotic goodness, thanks to the hard work of the Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY): the disc-shaped pellicle formed by the microbes responsible for performing the magic.

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Dairy Alternatives: TJ’s Coconut Creamer And Vegan Cream Cheese

I enjoy (ethically-produced) full-fat dairy products, especially milk, butter, and cheese. But I also like to try dairy alternatives and have been pleasantly surprised by how tasty some of them are. Can coconut creamer replace grass-fed whole milk in my tea? Will vegan “cream cheese” pair as delightfully with lentil sprouts on toast?

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Preserve This: Lovely Lemon Balm Jelly

Why preserve? Fundamentally, it’s about finding ways to extend the “shelf life” of edibles: fermenting, drying, pickling, canning, freezing, and curing are some of the common ways of preserving food. In this case, I made jelly because it’s an economical way to have this delightful treat available even when fresh leaves may not be…like in the dead of winter. Continue reading “Preserve This: Lovely Lemon Balm Jelly”