Haiku: The Other Side

You’d never guess that this photo started out as a colorful capture of shadows on a sunny morning, right? Though the original photo was appealing, as I began to think about how it could be “flipped” into a scene of darkness, it became – at least to me – much more interesting. Who is really in that shadow? Me…or someone else? Does she just play along, humoring me, letting me think she does my bidding, while she watches silently? Does she go rogue when out of my line of sight, – dancing, gesturing, laughing? Maybe I’ll catch her in the act one day.

Short Read: Isabella’s First Flight

It seemed like a safe place to rest: empty, clean, and well-built. She was weary from the search, having traveled so far in search of the right shelter. It was clear that, once, someone had loved this place; that family had been here, and children, snug in this abode. That had been long ago, though, and the place simply held the echo of memories. With the weather turning cold and wet, and she knew she needed to hunker down.

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