Farm Foraging: Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly and Syrup

Making food and drink from edible wild-growing plants is truly a gift that brings us closer to the land and its bounty. It illustrates, in a very practical way, the benefits of not using chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers): we don’t have to worry about what’s been sprayed on our property…because nothing has been. And that means I can collect the frilly white flower heads of wild-growing Queen Anne’s Lace for jelly and know that I’m getting exactly what I think I am and nothing extra.

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Ferment This: Revitalizing Rejuvelac

Yes, I have a “thing” for alliteration…it’s just part of being a logophile. I also wear a t-shirt that illustrates the importance of a properly-placed comma; am an Oxford comma adherent; and I ferment things. Multi-dimensional, I am. Enough about me, though – did you know that you can make a tasty, rejuvenating probiotic beverage from wheat berries?

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Clean Eating: Homemade Vegan Dog Food

Clean eating is important to us; we limit processed food (and avoid fast food completely) and raise most of our own pastured and free range meat. We do this for both pragmatic and philosophical reasons: we want to ensure that what we eat won’t adversely impact our health, as well as being ethically acceptable to us. While we’ve radically changed how we eat, we’ve still been feeding our dog, Freya, conventional food – premium conventional food, but still commercially-produced products. It’s time for that to change. Continue reading “Clean Eating: Homemade Vegan Dog Food”