Porcine Adventures: Playing Dead Perfectly

This is not what you want to see: a pig proned out, seemingly dead. Castor gave me a start the other day when I happened upon him like this. After the initial shock, I realized that he was really just taking a long siesta in the sun.

See – he’s fine! But he can’t be bothered to get up right now.

This reminds me of the first time I saw a chick sunbathing – she was all awkwardly sprawled out, and I thought she was dead (!). Was I ever relieved to see her finally wiggle around a bit into a more comfortable position!

The pigs are happy in their mud wallows, but when the sun’s out, sunbathing is apparently in order. The next time I see one of them stretched out, limp, on a sunny day, I won’t feel my heart clutch in my chest because I’ll know they’re just relaxing.

Thanks for the coronary! 🙄

Haiku: Bird’s Nest In The Grass

This morning, we found a small nest hidden in the tall grass near the fenceline. It was meticulously woven into a cup shape, and four speckled eggs lay in it. At first, we puzzled over why the nest would have been built so close to the ground, where predators could easily have found it; then, we realized that the parent birds may have thought it well-concealed because we had allowed the pasture to grow long in that area.

Unfortunately, recent mowing may have frightened the parents away. As much as we try to work in harmony with Nature, cutting the grass was necessary – one reason is tick control: keeping grass short can help manage ticks. We left the nest, undisturbed, in the hope that the parents might return.

This gives a better sense of scale – it’s nestled right into the tall grass

Update: mama bird has been seen back on the nest, which now has 5 eggs! We put a barrier of wire fencing around the nest (a few feet out) to try to provide protection from predators like cats.

Do you know what kind of bird this nest belongs to? I think it may be a sparrow’s nest.

Chick Tales: A Bad Leg And A New Friend

There once was a very small yellow chick that hatched with a leg that turned slightly out to the side. It didn’t know it was smaller or slower than the other chicks, or that it couldn’t run like everyone else. The chick just tried its best to live like all the other chicks, doing the same things, even if it couldn’t quite keep up. This is the story of that little chick…and an unexpected friendship.

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Haiku: Toilet Paper Toy

This one probably needs very little explanation, except the clarification that the puppy was out of our lines of sight for moments, then there was the terrible realization that it was too quiet, followed by the discovery. What is the deal with animals and toilet paper?? Cats tear it off the roll, dogs chew it up. It must put out a vibe that people just can’t appreciate.

The worst part: she knew she wasn’t supposed to have touched the toilet paper – it was clear from her body language. But it was already too late, of course. Guess we’ll keep working on it…and try to salvage what we can of that roll.