Beginning Winemaking: Part I

Homemade Mixed Berry Country WineAre you interested in making your own small batches of wine? Perhaps a fruity country wine or a delicate tea wine? You can do it, and I think you’ll find it easy, economical, and very rewarding. Read on…

While you could actually start making wine with very little wine-specific equipment, I would personally recommend purchasing the following equipment or, easier yet, a basic winemaking kit (you can find them on for under $50) that should come with the following: Continue reading “Beginning Winemaking: Part I”

Today’s Homemade Soda: Pine-Lime

We’re always learning about new ways to ferment food and beverages, and were intrigued when we came across a description of a tasty fermented soda made from fresh limes, sweetened water, and – wait for it – pine.

It just so happens that we had limes, water, and raw honey on hand. And we have several pine trees on our property. Naturally, this recipe had to be made. Continue reading “Today’s Homemade Soda: Pine-Lime”

No, We’re Not Vegetarians…

Should be obvious, right? We raise chickens, rabbits, and ducks. We’ve processed members of each of those groups (and Muscovy really does taste like beef!). People with whom we’re acquainted know this…and yet, countless times, they can’t – or don’t – seem to grasp why we won’t eat a chicken sandwich from some popular fast food place, or partake of catered BBQ. For the record: the aforementioned “people” doesn’t include our friends who “get it”. Continue reading “No, We’re Not Vegetarians…”

Junk Pile Workout: A Cautionary Tale

Junk pile scarYesterday, we took on a project that was as unpleasant as it was labor-intensive: dismantling and carting away a junk pile on our property. You may be thinking “Junk pile? I just can’t see you guys collecting crap and just letting it sit there” – and you’d generally be right, except for this eyesore junk pile. Read on…

It all began when we moved into our current home. It had these built-in shelves in the outbuilding that we use as a garage that were horribly dusty and blocked off parts of the garage so that it wasn’t fully accessible. Those shelves were knocked down and the heavy wood had to go somewhere, so they went “temporarily” in a stack near the outbuilding. The former owners had also erected an above-ground pool that was scummy and pretty nasty by the time we took possession of the property; that, too, had to go. It was dismantled and the pool liner and its 57 metal parts, the pump, etc., all went atop the wooden shelves stack. So it began. Continue reading “Junk Pile Workout: A Cautionary Tale”

Weekly Roundup: Chilly Weather And Several Integrations

Rabbit tractors on a fall day

Well, it’s become clear that summer is over and winter is nipping at its heels: we’ve seen frost in the morning. The temperatures at night have gotten down into the low 30’s (from recent 60’s) and daytime temps are only in the mid-40’s to low-50’s. Shorts and flip-flops have been put away for another season and thermal underwear are at the ready! The change in weather means changes around the farm, too, for the health and happiness of the animals.

The precipitous drop in the mercury shortened the timeline to move the Cuckoo Marans pullet group (ten 14 week olds) into the main coop with the rest of the laying flock. We had hoped to wait until they were 16 weeks old, but the girls are nearly the size of the adult hens, with big attitudes to match. Continue reading “Weekly Roundup: Chilly Weather And Several Integrations”

Homemade Desserts: Duck Egg Cheesecake

Duck Egg CheesecakeDo you like cheesecake? If so, you must try it with duck eggs – we did, and there’s no going back!

While the seemingly endless supply of spring and summer eggs seems to be over, we recently began finding a few duck eggs in the coop again! While they’re wonderful fried and scrambled, duck eggs are unparalleled for their ability to enhance baked goods: think denser and richer…words made for cheesecake. Continue reading “Homemade Desserts: Duck Egg Cheesecake”