Country Wine Update: Banana Is Amazing!


Have you heard of banana wine? Does it sound like something you’d make, even if you had bananas handy? Back in January, when we started the banana wine, it truly looked like dirty dishwater. It was this unappealing grayish-brown color from the cooking process (though it smelled wonderful). It was the first time we had tried making banana wine, and you just never know how a first run is going to go…which is one of the reasons I like small batch winemaking: you’re never stuck with five gallons of something you just don’t want to drink! Continue reading “Country Wine Update: Banana Is Amazing!”

The Importance Of The Farm (Animal) First Aid Kit

Farm First Aid Kit

When we went out to do the evening feeding recently, we noticed that a Muscovy duck seemed to be limping as she came up the hill to the feeding area. Limping can indicate a relatively benign injury like a minor sprain or something more serious, like a bumble, so we caught the unhappy girl and took a closer look. What we found was unexpected, and a bit of a shock: her head and bill were bloody. We caught her and put her into a cage in the “infirmary” in the garage for treatment and observation. While you hope that none of your animals ever suffers an injury, in a setting where they free range with the threat of predators, it’s likely that an injury will occur at some point. Continue reading “The Importance Of The Farm (Animal) First Aid Kit”

Farm Foraging: Blue Violet Syrup


The beautiful wild violets are popping up with enthusiasm around here. Shy and diminutive, they really merit inspection and – better yet – collection and use. Aside from their delicate beauty, they (flowers and leaves) are very nutritious and high in vitamins A and C. I was particularly interested in making beverages with them, in the hopes of extracting some of that lovely purple hue.

Continue reading “Farm Foraging: Blue Violet Syrup”

Wine Chronicles: Pineapple Peel Wine


Who uses pineapple peels and cores? I do! It’s probably a natural progression from making the delightful fermented beverage, Tepache (Ferment This: Easy, Exotic Tepache), to making wine from the peels and cores; after all, wine is also a ferment.

Per the usual, I began by researching: were there already recipes for pineapple peel wine out there that I could use as a starting point? (yes) Did I have all of the ingredients and equipment needed to embark on this project? (yes) Did I still want to make the wine after doing all that research? (clearly, yes) Continue reading “Wine Chronicles: Pineapple Peel Wine”