Haiku: The Bees’ Brambles

Hot, muggy weather has arrived here in our “neck of the woods”. I find it spectacularly unpleasant, but there are still aspects that can be enjoyed…such as the fact that fragrances seem to become trapped in the thick, steamy air. Who doesn’t want to be enveloped in what almost seems like a blanket of floral perfume?

The source of the wonderful perfume is the common – and troublesome – wild rose. I say “troublesome” because the plant’s thorny branches grab the unwary without mercy, scratching and leaving bits of thorn behind. These are the kind of brambles where, if you fell in, it would be an absolute nightmare to try to extricate yourself (think concertina wire). So you make sure you don’t fall in.

The photo was taken after a brief rainshower, the kind of passing weather event we experience frequently in late spring and early summer. Despite the rain, the roses’ fragrance was as strong and delightful as ever, and the bees were busily working through the flowers. Though the blooms are diminutive, their aroma shouldn’t be passed up – stop and smell even the smallest, wildest, roses for a true treat for the senses. Just watch out for the pollinators and the thorns!