Haiku: Silken Symmetry

The spiders here run the gamut from large to small. This particular orb weaver is tiny…so tiny that, to the naked eye, she looks like a speck. I’d noticed this line of objects atop the rooster tractor and when I looked very closely, saw that the diminutive arachnid was perched in the middle of the line. Do you see her?

For perspective, my finger – photo taken a few days later, her web’s a bit worse for wear

Haiku: Mercurial Mammatus

A strong storm blew in yesterday – the kind that made me wish I’d shut the solid coop door (often open for airflow this time of year, with the chickens safe behind a wire-covered “screen” door). The rain pounded the earth in slanted sheets, and the trees’ limbs flailed in the whipping wind. Thunder rattled the glassware in the china cabinet and I steered clear of the windows, wary of the brilliant flashes of lightning.

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Haiku: Ornamental Odonate

Early morning here often means heavy dew on the grass – humidity often approaches 100%. As I walked to a hoop tractor during morning feeding, I noticed the unmistakable double set of wings of a dragonfly…and a real beauty. She was clinging to a blade of grass, completely still, as if dormant (understandable in an ectotherm). At last, a chance to capture her image!

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