In Memoriam: A Companion Gone, But Not Forgotten

It’s been a year since our dog, Xena, died. She was loved, and we learned so much about raising dogs from her. We remember her in gratitude for the time that she was a part of our family and in sorrow because we miss her every day. To honor her, we wanted to share a few memories of a smart, athletic, and always-surprising dog who made us better pet parents.

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Over It: Why We Dumped Amazon Prime

Here’s your package – crushed, torn, and hastily re-taped!

‘Tis apparently the season…of late deliveries, squashed packages, and strange (unmarked) vehicles pulling down the driveway. I’m pretty much out of patience with Amazon, especially the Prime services, and it’s just not worthwhile anymore. It used to seem like a value add, but now, with the (frequent) 2-day delivery window misses and the damaged packages, I’m done with it.

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Farm Adventures: Overnight Ice Storm

The temperatures have been dropping and we’ve already seen a bit of slush this month. Last night, it began to sleet after dark, pinging off the windows and frosting hard surfaces with ice. This morning, the trees were wearing heavy ice coats like oversized suits of armor. All that weight caused branches to break off trees and, unsurprisingly, caused the power to go out. Here’s how the morning went…

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Around The Farm: Burning Bushes, A Steadfast Sunflower, And Something Surprising

While it seems to have taken longer than usual, it’s like a switch has been flipped and the foliage is turning color. We’ve had a couple of beautiful fall days, with frost riming the grass in the morning and the kind of azure skies that only seem to appear at this time of year. Autumn’s beauty is spellbinding – and worthy of appreciation.

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This Is Halloween: Jack O’ Lanterns And A Bowl Of Candy

It’s the jack o’lantern and candy time of year! Carefully selected, two large pumpkins sat on the stone floor in the basement, patiently waiting for their transformation. It had been too warm to put them out early, so we got down to the wire with the carving…but ‘better late than never’, right?

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