Haiku: Eyes In The Dark

Some people find the unblinking stare of a cat unsettling, but it captures my imagination. It makes me think that the wheels are turning…that schemes are being concocted.

Or, perhaps, that he’s observing or contemplating something that tests the boundaries of human comprehension: multiverses, apparitions, the meaning of existence, free will versus determinism..?

Or maybe he’s just tracking dust motes or other miniscule objects that I simply can’t see.

What do you think is going on here?

Haiku: Basking In Morning Light

The surprise squash sprout is still growing, becoming straighter and greener. I place it in the window when the sun comes through (and try to remember to move it to a warmer spot when the sun sets, since it’s frigid here at night). 🥶

I sat by the window and watched the sprout, marvelling at the tiny hairs on its stalk; (arguably anthropomorphising) its happiness was almost palpable. While I can’t photosynthesize, the sunshine felt good to me, too.

I’ve been wondering when the seed (shell) would fall off…seems this one has a serious case of helmet head. I’ve been trying different methods to encourage the sprout to shed that casing, like moistening it gently with a wet cotton swab, but will intervene surgically (if needed) as a last resort.

Did you know that this premature sprouting phenomenon is called vivipary? Check out these strawberries!