In Print: Read My New Article in Backyard Poultry

Hello, friends – I know it’s been a while. My newest article, “Maintaining Your Pastures for Poultry”, will be in the Feb/Mar issue of Backyard Poultry. You can also find it on our Published Articles & Podcasts page.

This time, I cover some of the ins and outs of raising waterfowl on pasture – focusing primarily on our grazing waterfowl, geese – and I share some “lessons learned”, such as considerations for purchasing your first tractor (what we wish we knew back then!) and how to keep your pasture healthy and fertile – and let’s just say that geese can help.

While the pasture is dormant here now and we’ve just emerged from a serious “deep freeze” that lasted for nearly two weeks (and, really, felt like forever), warmer weather will be coming and the grass will, once day, green up. We hope the article will help you prepare to turn your waterfowl back out on pasture in spring and maximize the bounty of the land.