Around The Farm: Too Warm, A Bit Too Early

A maple tree’s fresh new leaves

It’s a sunny Saturday here on the farm, and it’s been unusually warm. Temperatures yesterday hit 80F and are forecasted to be in the 80s (currently 84F now) for the remainder of the weekend. The combination of high humidity and temperatures makes for some uncomfortable days working outside, a reminder of the real heat and humidity that are just around the corner.

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Haiku: Three’s A Crowd

The geese are laying, and they have a favorite spot in the barn where they queue up to have their turn (this particular goose is Sinéad, so named because she was bald last year from the gander’s attentions). While all of the ladies demand their privacy, Sinéad’s “stink eye” is enough to keep most other creatures away…and her bodyguard is an additional deterrent.

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