Musings: Farming As Both Struggle And Inspiration

At times I wonder about the future of small-scale farming: with large farming operations buying up small farms and effectively putting smaller farmers out to pasture, why would someone voluntarily choose what is, at best, a hardscrabble lifestyle? It’s certainly not for the prestige, the ease, or the security (or the healthcare coverage)…but now that I’ve been a full-time farmer, I better understand why certain individuals still choose to farm.

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Growing Goslings: Real Feathers and Big Feet

The older two goslings are now 7 weeks old, and the younger group of four is 5 weeks old. The older goslings have replaced most of their yellow baby down with snow-white feathers, including wing feathers! The younger ones still look downy, but their wings are longer and less “stub”-like, and their legs have elongated to the point that they look a bit gawky…especially when they run.

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