This Is Halloween 2020: Are Scary Pumpkins Even Needed?

Plague Doctor, Evil Clown, Grim Reaper…

One of our Halloween traditions is pumpkin-carving, but the last couple of years saw us digging deep to find the desire to do it. Last year, in fact, we didn’t carve any. This year, though, we realized that it doesn’t feel much like Halloween without some jack o’ lanterns…so carve we did.

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Haiku: Facing The Day

There are those mornings where I just have a tough time greeting the new day. This was one: the bed was perfectly warm, sheets were soft, and the day just didn’t seem like it held promise. Why not just stay, pull the duvet over my head, and let the day go by? Because others were depending on me. And, because of that, I shook off temptation and set about my daily routine. And the day turned out to be good, after all.