Haiku: Bursting Forth

It’s hatching day for Silverudd’s Blue and Olive Egger eggs! At last check, the first external pip was on an SB egg (it pipped the wrong end, which isn’t necessarily a problem), and an Olive Egger had also made a nice, large crack in its shell. Over the next couple of days, there should be fluffballs running around the incubator and, when they’re ready, the brooder. If you like cute chick pics, stay tuned!

Haiku: In An Old Barn

I see this view of the barn every day, but it captured my interest (and merited a photo) on Thursday, when the light caught these bowls in an appealing way. Though largely monochromatic, dirty, and worn, it said “homestead” to me…where I often find myself dirty and tired, but where the adventure never ends! 😉

What does the image (or the haiku) say to you?

Farm Fowl: A New Year’s Gift

I can honestly say that I have numerous hatches under my belt: chickens, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl. Each hatch is different, and, sometimes, they don’t have good outcomes; fortunately, that’s not how they usually go. The last duck hatch, however, resulted in just one duckling emerging from five developing eggs. What in the world do you do with a single, lonely, duckling…in winter?

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