Short Read: A Snail’s Search, Part VI

The baby snails had congregated at the White and were looking restless. Sophie knew that the recent heavy rain had brought them out, and they could be a handful when they were in groups. The tiny one with the light section of shell finally turned to Sophie, and, nearly shouting with excitement, asked “has Gaston reached the Red yet??”

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Short Read: A Snail’s Search, Part III

After he left René’s cozy home, Gaston felt a pang: homesickness. He missed his friends – the comfort of places he knew and familiar faces. It was an ache that sat in the pit of his stomach, tempting him to go back to the White…but he reminded himself that adventure was exciting – and lonely. He put on a brave face and continued his trek to the place that he needed to find.

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Haiku: Incarnations

I’ve written about wanting to realize my goal of becoming a writer, despite having spent much of my working life in a field where I had little opportunity to write creatively. In truth, I don’t think that matters as much as I’d thought: there are many possible paths to reaching goals, and I’m pleased to share that I’ve achieved one. “Write what you know” is a well-known (and respected) piece of writing advice…so I did.

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