Musings: Farming As Both Struggle And Inspiration

At times I wonder about the future of small-scale farming: with large farming operations buying up small farms and effectively putting smaller farmers out to pasture, why would someone voluntarily choose what is, at best, a hardscrabble lifestyle? It’s certainly not for the prestige, the ease, or the security (or the healthcare coverage)…but now that I’ve been a full-time farmer, I better understand why certain individuals still choose to farm.

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Rant: Stop The Plastic Madness!

Sure, those plastic packaging cushions have recycling symbols on them – just point me to a facility that accepts them 😕

Are you exasperated with the ubiquitousness of plastic, too? We’re inundated by it, and it’s an undeniable environmental problem…and yet, companies continue to needlessly wrap goods in plastic – sometimes multiple layers – until it feels like there’s no escape from excessive plastic use. I’m particularly appalled by a recent order I received from Vitacost, especially in light of what the shipping box said.

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Around The Farm: Burning Bushes, A Steadfast Sunflower, And Something Surprising

While it seems to have taken longer than usual, it’s like a switch has been flipped and the foliage is turning color. We’ve had a couple of beautiful fall days, with frost riming the grass in the morning and the kind of azure skies that only seem to appear at this time of year. Autumn’s beauty is spellbinding – and worthy of appreciation.

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