Haiku: Surrounded By Snow

This was, for me, today’s reminder of resilience: overnight snow and frigid temperatures may have battered the dandelion, furling its tender petals, but I know I’ll see its cheery countenance once again. Further, I know many other blooms lie covered in snow, just waiting for the sun’s restorative touch. We may see Nature as – at times – shockingly harsh, but for natural creatures like plants and animals it simply is…and they don’t have a choice about rising to the challenge of survival. Resilience.

Haiku: The Other Side

You’d never guess that this photo started out as a colorful capture of shadows on a sunny morning, right? Though the original photo was appealing, as I began to think about how it could be “flipped” into a scene of darkness, it became – at least to me – much more interesting. Who is really in that shadow? Me…or someone else? Does she just play along, humoring me, letting me think she does my bidding, while she watches silently? Does she go rogue when out of my line of sight – dancing, gesturing, laughing? Maybe I’ll catch her in the act one day.

Haiku: The Wait Is Over

May this be the start of more beauty, more ecological action, more human cooperation. Let’s show the best in us, and realize that we’re all part of a society comprised of different backgrounds, preferences, beliefs, and perspectives. America is for all Americans, and our strength is in our diversity…not just racial and ethnic diversity, but diversity of opinion, too. Peaceful dissent is lawful – and necessary. Let’s keep it that way!

Haiku: Sights From A Line

The line was at the Early Voting station – the tree was along the sidewalk where we waited to enter the building. The beauty all around us was in full display here: maple trees had been planted near an unremarkable building that was fronted by an unappealing (and noisy) road, breaking up the inorganic surroundings with their organic exuberance. Looking up, I saw bright oranges and yellows against a cerulean backdrop…not just dull gray concrete and vehicles driving by. It was a welcome visual treat.