Farm Ferments: Hands-On Kimchi

I’m just guessing that there may be some people out there for whom having hands redolent of garlic, fish sauce, and gochugaru (고추가루) would be unappealing…but I actually find it rather pleasant. Why? Because I know it means some delectable variety of kimchi is underway. In a couple of weeks, the nascent kimchi – currently salty and crisp – will be perfectly fermented and full of probiotic goodness.

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Haiku: In The Nooks And Crannies

Though we’re in the season of austerity (including frigid temperatures, snow, and frost), tough little plants like this purple deadnettle find ways to survive…and even thrive. Nestled into a protective opening in a stone wall, the plant is sheltered from the biting wind and the rock serves as thermal mass, soaking up the morning sunshine. It has reminded me that as it finds simple – but effective – ways to meet its needs, so can I.