Winecraft: Honeysuckle Mead (Metheglin)

On hot summer days, the fragrance of honeysuckle fills the air, reminding me that it’s time to get out in the midday heat – when the blooms are at their peak – and harvest enough for wine. While I made wine, I also decided to try making a honeysuckle mead (metheglin). I’m pleased to say that it came out so good, I’m planning to make it every season!

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Read This: Looking For Jack Keller’s Wine Recipes?

If you’ve clicked on a link in one of our blog posts to a wine recipe and found that it no longer works, it’s likely because it was one of Jack Keller’s recipes. He passed away in September 2020, and it appears that his winemaking website is no longer being maintained. An archive may be found here.

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