fMf’s Wildflower Medley Wine

Ingredients (makes 1 gallon)
2 quarts edible wildflowers (I used wild rose, honeysuckle, chicory flower, and red clover)
8 oz white grape peach juice (or just white grape)
2 lbs sugar
1 tsp acid blend
1 tsp yeast nutrient
1/8 tsp tannin
1/3 packet wine yeast, like Premier Cuvée

Begin by making the “tea”: place the prepared flowers (just the blossoms – remove any greenery and check for bugs – and be sure to remove the sepals, the green part at the base, from any honeysuckle flowers, too) into a fermenting bucket. Add 2 quarts of hot water and allow to steep overnight.

The following day, strain out the flowers. Add 2 quarts (minus one cup) of room temperature water and all other ingredients except the wine yeast to the wildflower tea. Stir the sugar in well to ensure it’s dissolved. Add 1/3 packet of wine yeast – I typically use Premier Cuvée or champagne yeast for flower wines.

For the next 5 days, stir the wine daily. After the 5 days has elapsed, move the wine to a secondary fermentor with airlock. You may rack this at 30 days, if desired. It should be ready to sample once fermentation has ceased and the wine has cleared to a soft blush color.

The finished wine will be dry. I prefer to sweeten when pouring, rather than backsweetening prior to bottling (for a number of reasons), so I simply sweeten with simple syrup in the glass. Enjoy this beautiful and oh-so-cheery wine!