What We Learned: 2017 Bluegrass Beekeeping School

Bluegrass Beekeeping School

Yesterday, we spent the day on the campus of Kentucky State University for the 14th Annual Bluegrass Beekeeping School. There are a number of courses and workshops offered in different locations throughout Kentucky, and the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association has a comprehensive list here: http://www.ksbabeekeeping.org/bee-schools-and-related-events/.

Bluegrass Beekeeping School offered different tracks for attendees to select, depending on their experience level. For complete novices (like us), there were four consecutive introductory sessions that covered the basics of beekeeping. For more experienced apiarists, there were several choices per time slot of sessions with topics ranging from top bar bee hives to making mead to bee diseases. While many of the topics sounded intriguing, we attended the introductory courses so that we would have a solid foundation of knowledge upon which we could build (meaning that we’ll go back next year and attend some of those other sessions!). Continue reading “What We Learned: 2017 Bluegrass Beekeeping School”