Farm Foraging: Black Locust Flower Syrup & Infused Oil

There seem to be new flowers blooming daily – we usually catch the first hint of scent wafting over to us during morning chores. With the hot, sticky weather we’ve been having, the fragrance may even hang over an area like a perfumed cloud, like it did with the black locust flowers. Anything that smells that great merits further investigation!

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Natural Body Care: Homemade Salve


My hands need help: they’re dry, red, and crying out for help. I recently figured out that the “natural” dishwashing soap I was using in the kitchen contained SLS, which was breaking down the skin on my hands; once I stopped using that soap, my hands began to heal. Unfortunately, the cold weather and low humidity has exacerbated the dry skin situation, as has frequent hand-washing (dirty hands are a fact of life on the farm). So what to do? Make an ultra-rich healing salve, of course!

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