Haiku: Into The Ether

I’d hazard a guess that most farmers don’t spend too much time looking up at the sky and daydreaming – for obvious reasons: you look up and step into a hole or slip and end up covered in mud. Nobody wants that, and injuries aren’t funny when you have buckets to lift, you need to crouch and stoop, and there isn’t a “backup” to do the work for you. When I saw this morning sky, though, I had to stop pulling my cart loaded with feed buckets and rubber bowls – just for a moment – and take it in.

The soft, puffy-looking “dunes” invited pondering what lay beyond them: the ether. There was blue sky up there, and it peeked out from the cloud cover. I couldn’t help but wonder if, when sleep came, I could float up there, passing through the spun-cotton threshold into what’s above. Maybe I’ll find out.

What feelings or imaginings does this sky(ku) evoke in you?

Haiku: High-Altitude Alliance

Clouds are endlessly fascinating – in the same sky, they can appear in myriad formations, forecasting weather and mesmerizing with swirling, fleeting images. Was that a dragon – or a bus? Regardless of what you see – whimsical or ordinary – look up (if it’s safe to, of course) – they may be shaping themselves into something extraordinary right at this very moment.

Haiku: Conflicted Sky

It’s an oppressively humid day – the kind of day that makes the air, heavy and wet, a presence. It feels like something is building out there, and based on the forecast, it is: thunderstorms. Frankly, it will be a relief if the skies open up and the moisture rains down because it will lower temperatures, cleanse everything in its path, and soak the dry earth. Come on, rain…we’re all waiting.

Haiku: Cloud Dragon

Remember finding images in the clouds when you were a kid? Maybe you, like me, still do it as an adult.

What do you see in this image? The dragon? Perhaps a crocodile? Don’t forget to look up, and let your imagination take flight. 🐉