Read That Label: A Cautionary Tale

Who knows what’s lurking in this innocuous-looking jar…

You probably already know that we strive to eat mostly whole, nutritious, unadulterated foods. No fast food, no cruelty meat. I read labels on a regular basis, especially after discovering how many items (like Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia® – alas!) now contain carrageenan. So what happens when you assume – like I did – and grab something that seems so simple that it couldn’t possibly contain a bunch of unnecessary additives?

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Dairy Alternatives: TJ’s Coconut Creamer And Vegan Cream Cheese

I enjoy (ethically-produced) full-fat dairy products, especially milk, butter, and cheese. But I also like to try dairy alternatives and have been pleasantly surprised by how tasty some of them are. Can coconut creamer replace grass-fed whole milk in my tea? Will vegan “cream cheese” pair as delightfully with lentil sprouts on toast?

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