Live Beverages: Stimulating Summer Shrubs

Hello, blackberry!

Hot, sticky days seem to go hand in hand with cold, refreshing beverages. Though we keep delicious probiotic drinks like water kefir and kombucha on hand, we recently decided to expand our repertoire to include shrubs – AKA “drinking vinegar”. A combination of fresh fruit, raw vinegar, and sweetener, rounded out with the effervescence of sparkling water…it’s summer in a glass!

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Farm Ferments: No Waste Watermelon Rind “Pickles”

Sunshine in a jar

Seeing a shelf full of ferments-in-progress never fails to brighten my day: the colors, the sense of accomplishment, and the anticipation of enjoying the fruits of my labor all play a part. Today, I gaze at the lovely jars of watermelon rind pickles just beginning their transformation and smile.

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