Musings: Eating Mindfully

Slowing it down to this guy’s pace (and eating more greens isn’t a bad idea, either!)

In today’s hamster-wheel – and often frenetically-paced – world, many people choose convenience foods and wolf them down…as I, myself, have done in the past. While it can be difficult to take time to slow down and really enjoy a meal, there are many rewards that make mindful eating a truly worthwhile endeavor.

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Musings: Why I Don’t Like “Prime Day”

You recognize this box, don’t you?

After many years of thoughtlessly buying things without really examining why I bought them (and perhaps engaging in “retail therapy”), I’ve resolved to try to live my life without falling back into the consumerism trap; in short, I try not to buy things I don’t need. Recently, Prime Day tested my discipline – could I resist a deal?

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Musings: On Living In The Present

As human beings, we seem to constantly be looking to the future: planning things for later, with an assumption that there will be a “later”. We rarely really live in the moment, appreciating the present and savoring it. We think there will always be time to learn to speak another language, visit a friend, or take the dog for a walk. Plenty of time…until there isn’t.

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