Farm Ferments: No Waste Watermelon Rind “Pickles”

Sunshine in a jar

Seeing a shelf full of ferments-in-progress never fails to brighten my day: the colors, the sense of accomplishment, and the anticipation of enjoying the fruits of my labor all play a part. Today, I gaze at the lovely jars of watermelon rind pickles just beginning their transformation and smile.

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Ferment This: Đồ Chua (Daikon & Carrot Pickles)

One of my favorite parts of the delicious Vietnamese sandwiches called bánh mì is the pickled veggies: they’re lightly salty, tangy, and sweet, a wonderful combination that complements the other sandwich ingredients perfectly. Also great in other dishes, like bún (vermicelli noodle bowls), this is a versatile condiment to keep on hand.

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Farm Ferments: Rescued Root Veggie Pickles

Refrigerator crisper drawers invite egregious procrastination. They allow unassuming veggies to hide until they’re past the point of no return – soft, soggy, sometimes slimy. Eww. In my efforts to avoid wasting food, I am occasionally horrified at what I find in there: lettuce that appears to be sporting a coating of pinkish ectoplasm, a severely shriveled and rubberized carrot, a desiccated and scraggly scallion…they haunt the crisper drawer and remind me that wasting food is a character flaw. Today, however, I managed to salvage some of the sorriest specimens and turn them into something tasty.

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