Haiku: A Dewy Farm Morning

When the humidity is nearly 100%, we get morning views like this one. It’s the kind of morning where you feel wet, instantly, as soon as you step out of your air-conditioned car or home. As an added bonus, it’s been in the upper 80’s here, so it’s in the low 90’s with the heat index. Hot, muggy, and wet. And it’s not summer yet! 😬

On the flip side, the grass requires no supplemental watering (between storms and heavy dew) and the still air holds the honeysuckle’s perfume for appreciative noses.

Enjoy the day!

Deep Freeze: It’s Single Digits Here

You know it’s cold when it’s 4 degrees out – and feels like 3. After a beautiful full moon (a Super Blood Wolf Moon) last night, we’re also being treated to a vibrant sunrise.

There’s an interesting formation of ice crystals on a window…see it from slightly different angles and phases of sunrise:

Cold, dark early sunrise
Just a few minutes later, lovely soft pastels and the promise of the sun

I just don’t tire of the beauty of ice crystals. It may be bitterly cold out, but Nature always has a show ready!