Winecraft: Heavenly Honeysuckle…And Blotto Bees

They’re everywhere!

It was a hot and humid day. The honeysuckle perfumed the muggy air with its seductive fragrance. I ventured out, dressed from head to toe (for sun and tick protection), to harvest honeysuckle blooms, many of which seemed to be intertwined with brambles. Soon, my nitrile gloves were ripped to shreds – but, sometimes, sacrifices must be made in the pursuit of the land’s wild bounty.

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Haiku: Vibrant Violets

The farm flowers are blooming, providing plentiful inspiration for verse. I am particularly fond of the demure, diminutive blue violets – they’re such a lovely pop of color against the dark greenery. Not just beautiful to behold, violets also have a number of health benefits…and they make a gorgeous syrup!