Daily Grit: Do Something “Hard” Today

Did you walk to school when you were a kid? I did, and so did the other neighborhood kids. We were getting regular exercise and didn’t even realize it. These days, sadly, walking isn’t really a part of many peoples’ lives, and with sedentary jobs and long commutes, moving around is actually something that we have to think consciously about engaging in. Many of us go to gyms or find ways to work out at home, but regardless of how you choose to exercise, it’s a key component of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining functional fitness so that as you age, you can continue to do the activities you enjoy…and sometimes, it takes a lot to get motivated and do it.

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Ferment This: Rousing Rutabaga Kimchi

Why do root vegetables like rutabagas get a bad rap? They’re nutritious, tasty, and, properly stored, can stay edible for a long time. It must have something to do with their plain appearance – no flash, no glitz, just “what you see is what you get”. And, because I like their lack of pretense (and their flavor), I’m making them into a probiotic delight. Join me on this kimchi-making journey!

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