Around The Farm: One Sassy Sunflower

Stop and smell that sunflower…it has a lovely fragrance!

There’s a volunteer sunflower growing close to the duck coop. It was probably a stray seed that the fowl missed, a seed that luckily landed in the damp soil where it wasn’t spotted and then germinated. This sunflower turns its face to the sun in the morning, as if to greet the new day. I like sunflowers, and I especially like the ones that just pop up (seemingly) out of nowhere.

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Winecraft: Daylily #2

The daylilies just keep coming, bursting forth with their irrepressible cheeriness each morning, truly living in the moment…each bloom has just a single day in the sun, so they make it a glorious one! I had to try to capture that exuberance in a bottle, hoping to honor it by making a truly special, ephemeral wine: a wine that would remind me of the hot days of summer with each sip.

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