Natural Care: Honeysuckle Infused Facial Oil

What’s that divine perfume wafting through the humid summer air? It’s honeysuckle, a wild-growing vine here that’s climbed enthusiastically all over the field fencing. Unpopular with some gardeners because it’s highly invasive, it’s a wildcrafter’s delight: the blooms make a heady wine, an aromatic syrup, and fantastic facial oil!

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Farm Foraging: Smooth Sumac

Smooth Sumac drupes (berry clusters)

I’m always delighted to discover new wild-growing, useful plants on our property. I still remember the first time I spied small green spheres growing in the trees and wondered what in the world those pungent, citrus-scented globes were – hedge apples? It turns out that they were black walnuts! Lesson learned: never assume that a plant is “just a weed”.

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