Farming Reality: Endings And Beginnings

Freshly hatched!

It’s a topic that often seems to be avoided, but is a real part of raising livestock: losing animals. Sadly, this morning, we found a 10 day old guinea keet dead in the brooder. While it will never be easy, a farmer learns to accept that losses will occur even when you’ve made your best efforts to prevent them…and learns from his or her mistakes. Continue reading “Farming Reality: Endings And Beginnings”

Hatch Update: Guinea Fowl #1

It’s been a few days since the guinea fowl eggs hatched, so an update seems in order. Of the 11 eggs that made it to lockdown, 3 failed to hatch: 2 quit a few days prior to hatch (based on the yolk absorption), and 1 simply failed to pip internally. While we always hope that all of the eggs hatch, sometimes they just don’t make it to the finish line. We’re happy that we have 8 healthy keets that grow stronger each day.

Continue reading “Hatch Update: Guinea Fowl #1”