Hatch Update: Guinea Fowl #1

It’s been a few days since the guinea fowl eggs hatched, so an update seems in order. Of the 11 eggs that made it to lockdown, 3 failed to hatch: 2 quit a few days prior to hatch (based on the yolk absorption), and 1 simply failed to pip internally. While we always hope that all of the eggs hatch, sometimes they just don’t make it to the finish line. We’re happy that we have 8 healthy keets that grow stronger each day.

As we mentioned in our previous post about the hatch, we were hoping to see at least 1 slate keet in the group, so we’re very happy to report that there are 3 pearl, 2 pied pearl, 2 slate, and 1 surprise: a pied slate!

Guinea keets are in a constant state of motion, so catching a photo of them before they dash under their brooder heating pad is a tricky business.

That’s the pied slate keet; the other slate keets are at the very top and to the right of it. And yes, that is a chick in there, too!

Our adult flock is mainly pearl and pied pearl, with one slate (and, until recently, a white). The slate keets are a muted rusty color, without the brown striping seen on the pearls and pied pearls. Guinea Fowl International Association has helpful photos and descriptions if you’re trying to identify the color of an adult guinea or a keet: Guinea Fowl Color Chart.

We think each color is beautiful, but it’s always fun to have variations…especially ones we haven’t seen before. With two more groups of guinea fowl eggs in the incubator, who knows what other colors may appear!

Stay tuned for updates as the keets grow!

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  1. That is super exciting! I want to add guinea fowl next year! 😀

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