Farm Ferments: No Waste Watermelon Rind “Pickles”

Sunshine in a jar

Seeing a shelf full of ferments-in-progress never fails to brighten my day: the colors, the sense of accomplishment, and the anticipation of enjoying the fruits of my labor all play a part. Today, I gaze at the lovely jars of watermelon rind pickles just beginning their transformation and smile.

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Growing Things: Regrowing Green Onions

Green emerges!

Spring is the time of growth and renewal, as evidenced by the transformation of the farm landscape from austerity to verdancy. I’d read over the winter that it was easy to regrow a number of different common vegetables, so after I used green onions in kimchi, I decided to try my hand at regrowing the (root) ends that I’d cut off. Based on the green I see, it looks like it really does work!

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