Ferment This: Sourdough Bread Kvas (квас)

Yeasty or less so?

I’ve previously posted about making the wonderful fermented tonic beet kvass, and continue to make it regularly. Some time ago, while researching different types of “kvass”, I discovered that the origin of the drink is an Eastern European ferment that uses bread – specifically, rye bread – as starter for the ferment. It just so happened that there was some “extra” sourdough rye sitting around, so I started some traditional bread-based kvas.

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Audrey Tales: Finicky About Flour And Temperamental About Temperature

Audrey II may be a bit of a diva – she creates some spectacular loaves, but can be very particular about her conditions. Too warm and she’s unhappy; too cold and she’s unhappy. We know the key to great sourdough is a happy, bubbly culture, so we strive to keep our girl happy.

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