Audrey Tales: Barley-Wheat Sourdough Loaf

You probably already know that sourdough bread is delicious, but did you also know about its health benefits? We love our homemade sourdough with wheat and rye flours…and, now, with barley flour!

Why barley flour? For starters, it’s high in fiber and low on the glycemic index. It also has a mild, appealing flavor.

We used 50% wheat flour and 50% barley for this loaf, with a medium hydration starter. The dough, once kneaded in the stand mixer, was stickier than typical all-wheat dough. The rise was similar to a wheat/rye dough, with lower elasticity causing it to spread out once it reached the top of the pan.

During baking, the dough continued to expand enthusiastically, resulting a nicely-shaped finished loaf.

The good oven spring also meant that the finished loaf had a remarkably tender, airy crumb, despite the attractive rusticity of the exterior.

Verdict: winner. Partial-barley loaves will definitely be in the regular sourdough lineup!

Want to familiarize yourself with the sourdough bread lexicon? Check out Cultures for Health’s Complete Glossary of Sourdough Terminology.

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