Daily Wonder: Fairy Fly-By

The natural world is full of wonders. If you’re like me, you can’t help but notice – and revel – in these amazing moments that demand your full attention. One hot summer morning, as I was loading up my Gorilla Cart with 5-gallon buckets of fermented feed to begin the animal chores outside (there are “inside” animal chores, too, of course), something caught my eye. It looked like a floating bit of cottony matter. I watched it for a bit, soon realizing that it wasn’t merely drifting on the breeze – it was flying. It invited a closer look.

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Haiku: High-Altitude Alliance

Clouds are endlessly fascinating – in the same sky, they can appear in myriad formations, forecasting weather and mesmerizing with swirling, fleeting images. Was that a dragon – or a bus? Regardless of what you see – whimsical or ordinary – look up (if it’s safe to, of course) – they may be shaping themselves into something extraordinary right at this very moment.