Haiku: Fugacious Feathers

Finding the unexpected is one of life’s small pleasures. “Ordinary” beauty is all around us, even in some of the most unglamorous places. When you see it, take time to appreciate it – even if it’s the kind of ephemera that exists for mere moments.

This image is actually from the bottom of a round tub that holds the supplemental grain we feed our geese. With frigid temperatures, the growth of the grass that they love so much has slowed or stopped, likely dormant for now, so additional feed is needed. Each evening, as the poultry is secured in coops for the night, this tub is emptied and turned over so that any remaining liquid will drain out overnight.

One windy night, the tub must have blown over, and fallen leaves were swept into it. The leaves adhered to the tub, and frost formed; when the leaves fell out, they left this crystalline impression. The image truly was evanescent, vanishing without a trace as I filled the tub. It may no longer exist in reality, but it has been captured in a medium that will preserve it for an unknown length of time – as it also exists in the memory of those who have seen it.

Rational explanation for how this image was created aside, it also exists in the world of whimsy. I like to let it run free in my imagination and enjoy the possibilities. May you also enjoy the possibilities of nature’s artwork.