When The People Are Away, The Cats Will Play

Our cats (brothers) have plenty of toys, big indoor “trees” to scratch and climb, boxes to play in, a canine sister who loves to roughhouse…and yet, they’re always into mischief. A bored cat seems to equal a destructive cat. Case in point: the damage inflicted on an unsuspecting toilet paper roll, new and fluffy. The attacker’s malicious intent is clear from the evidence photos – the roll was ripped into, shredded, pretty much toast. Not much could be salvaged. From now on, the bathroom door stays shut. The boys will have to make do with absconding with the flip-top bottle gaskets at night; oh, and there’s a citrus reamer that still remains to be found…maybe they entertain themselves with it when we’re not around and hide it again when we return. Wherever it is, it’s in a pretty good hiding place.