Ladies Of Leisure

In anticipation of kindling, the NZ does have been brought inside to their kindling cages. They could, theoretically, kindle outside, but with the recent dramatic fluctuations in temperature, we prefer to err on the side of caution and keep them inside.

Both Ava and Loretta look pregnant. They also look like they’ve customized (roughed up) their next boxes, and more importantly, both have exhibited the behaviors their mother, Gaia, did when she kindled (including haystaches). They also appear to be rounder and less comfortable than normal, just like Gaia was before she kindled. Wishful thinking? Time will tell.

If the “normal” gestation period applies, the girls should kindle on Thursday (31 days from conception). Gaia had 11 kits that all survived, so we’re hopeful that the girls will have large, healthy litters, too. We’ll keep an eye on them and if all goes well, both will have nice litters of squirmy, hairless kits on Thursday. In the meantime, they’ll enjoy their climate-controlled environment with the chicks as their neighbors.