The PRIME Act Moves Forward

FTCLDF_PRIME_ActThe PRIME (Processing Revival and Intrastate Meat Exemption) Act is a step toward allowing consumers to obtain the food of their choosing right from the source; specifically, meat. Currently, in order for small farmers to sell poultry (for example) to consumers, it must be processed at a USDA-inspected slaughterhouse. This creates stress on the animals often being transported long distances to the facility; additional costs for the farmer; and removes the farmer’s ability to employ the most low-stress, humane slaughter method.

On our farm, a chicken is just having a good day on pasture until it’s caught and processed. It’s quick and respectful, and that’s how we think it should be. We also think consumers should be able to buy meat processed on-farm if they so desire…and the PRIME Act can help make that an option.

Read more about the PRIME Act on the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund website: