It’s Peach Season – Let’s Make Crisp!

Peach_CrispWe’ve been on a fruit crisp* kick lately. It started with a jar of cherry pie filling we bought on a whim…that became a very tasty cherry crisp (or crumble). Then we bought some apples at the farmer’s market and made an apple crisp. Yum.

The farmer’s market had both yellow and white peaches this morning. The farmer told us that the white were at peak ripeness and very sweet, so we bought mostly those, with one yellow thrown in for good measure.

When we got home, we realized the poor tender-skinned peaches had had the living daylights beaten out of them in the market basket (oops!). It looked like a “fight club” had happened in the back of the car while we’d driven home down those country backroads, blissfully unaware. The Asian pears and purple plums were unscathed, so were likely the aggressors. We didn’t fret, though, since we were planning to use them right away.

Listen to your local farmer: she was absolutely right about those peaches – they tasted like candy. The yellow one was firmer and slightly less sweet. We whipped up the crisp and are looking forward to having it for dessert tonight. Doesn’t a juicy peach crisp sound like summer in a bowl?

*Want to know how a crisp/crumble differs from cobbler? Check out this article in the Huffington Post. We like our topping with oats in it.