Under Pressure: Second-Time-Around Beef Bone Broth

I’ve been saving the bones from the grass fed and grass finished beef soup bones and oxtail that we purchased from a local farm. These were the core of a variety of soups, including Korean-Style Oxtail Soup, and we’d already enjoyed the meat and marrow attached to the bones. Would there be anything left in these pressure-cooked bones to make bone broth? Definitely!

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Wildcrafted: Easy Instant Pot Elderberry Syrup *v2.0*

As the fragrance of elderberry syrup wafts from my adorable 3-quart Instant Pot, I think of hot summer days, picking clusters of purple berries and, later, picking berries from the stems with fingers stained a dark bordeaux. In the depths of winter, those days are a mere memory, but the fruits of those labors are very real.

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Ferment This: Đồ Chua (Daikon & Carrot Pickles)

One of my favorite parts of the delicious Vietnamese sandwiches called bánh mì is the pickled veggies: they’re lightly salty, tangy, and sweet, a wonderful combination that complements the other sandwich ingredients perfectly. Also great in other dishes, like bún (vermicelli noodle bowls), this is a versatile condiment to keep on hand.

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