Eat This: A Predilection For Persimmons

Fuyu, ready to eat

I’ve previously mentioned how fortunate we are to have an Asian (Korean) grocery not too far from where we live; without it, I would be craving kimchi, tteokguk, and kimbap…and I would be very sad, indeed. A special seasonal treat, persimmons also make their appearance at Asian groceries, emblematic of this chilly time of year.

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Eat This: Low Carb Chocolate Pudding…With A Surprise

I like to try things that push me out of my comfort zone. Why? Because I think that life is about discovery, and what better way to make discoveries than to do something very different? I’ve also learned (by keeping an open mind) that food, in particular, may not taste the way you expect – in fact, it may turn out to be much, much better!

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