New Silver Fox Rabbits Join The Herd

Black Silver Fox Rabbit DoeWe recently acquired three new pedigreed Silver Fox rabbits for our breeding program. Two are the familiar black color – very pretty in its own right. The third is a new color for us: lilac. Silver Fox colors also include chocolate and blue. Silver Fox rabbits have beautiful coats, and actually are named for the similarity to the Silver Fox’s fur.

The black SF rabbits are junior does, with nice ticking (the white hairs) in their fur and good size. Though the does look very similar, personality differences are emerging: one is more gregarious than the other. Given time and treats, we expect both to become better socialized.

The young lilac buck is a timid fellow. He spent the majority of the first couple of days after we brought him home hiding in his house, but he has started to spend more time exploring now…Lilac Silver Fox Rabbit Buckand doesn’t hide every time he sees us coming. It’s all new and strange to him, so will take some time for him to grow comfortable in his new surroundings. His coloring is striking – a silvery gray with a hint of lavender – and we’re looking forward to adding his genes to our stock. Rabbit genetics are like that “box of chocolates”…what will we get? There may be some color surprises in store.

For more information on this heritage breed, check out the Livestock Conservancy’s Silver Fox rabbit page (