Cast Iron Chronicles: The Field Skillets Have Arrived!

Field Skillet Packaging

It’s like Christmas (in June) here: the eagerly-awaited Field Skillets arrived today…in a surprisingly light box!

In an earlier post, we shared why we were looking forward to receiving the new cast iron pans. Now that we have them, we intend to put them to the test and see if they live up to the hype. Here’s what we’ve noticed upon opening the box and taking them out:

  • They’re noticeably lighter than our “standard” cast iron skillet of the same size (bonus!)
  • They’re thinner and the finish is much smoother than our other cast iron skillets
“Standard” cast iron on left, Field Skillet on right

Props to Field Company for smart packaging, too: these came in appropriately-sized, custom-fitted cardboard boxes and were packed into a perfectly-sized outer box. Other companies that ship a lot of items to people could take some lessons from Field Company.

What’s next? We’ll “season” them with fat and fire up the stove. Stayed tuned for updates!

Read our update where we share our thoughts on the Field Skillets after having had the opportunity to cook in them over a few weeks: Cast Iron Chronicles: Field Skillet Update