Homemade Desserts: Mexican Chocolate Black Bean Brownies


Do black bean brownies sound weird to you? Trust me, they’re not – in fact, they’re a real treat! And since there’s no flour, they can also be made gluten-free. These are tender, dense brownies with serious chocolate flavor. I’ve made them twice now, and believe that version 2.0 is even better than the first!

When I initially ran across the base recipe (from Chocolate Covered Katie) and saw that it was made with black beans…well, I simply had to try it. The first time I made it, I added a bunch of extras like flaxseed meal, shredded coconut, and hemp protein. I made a few other modifications this time, namely:

  • Doubled the recipe to make thicker brownies (the first ones came out more like a brownie bar)
  • Omitted the flaxseed meal, but added the shredded coconut and hemp protein, as well as halved walnuts
  • Added spices to make v2.0 Mexican Chocolate Black Bean Brownies: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cayenne – yes, cayenne!
  • Used half coconut oil and half olive oil to prevent the brownies from firming up too much when cool
  • Replaced the maple syrup with 2 tablespoons raw sugar plus 6 large dates


The finished brownies were soft and delicious, with delightful pockets of gloriously gooey chocolate chips. The hemp protein, shredded coconut, and nuts provide additional protein and fiber (like the black beans don’t have enough, right?), so this brownie has some serious staying power. And the Mexican Chocolate spices? They’re pretty subtle, but the cayenne did impart some very pleasant heat on the back end. With the next version, I’ll double the cinnamon (I used 1 tsp) ginger (I used a half tsp), and nutmeg (I just used a dash) but probably leave the cayenne as is (1/4 tsp).

Do you like to “hack” recipes, too? I know my friend KQ does! Do you have any additional hacks for this one? Tell us about it in the comments!

Base recipe here: https://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/no-flour-black-bean-brownies/

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