Flowers Everywhere: Blooms Around The Farm

It’s looking very lush and verdant here, thanks to the heat, humidity, and periodic precipitation. Everything is green, the pastures are growing before our eyes, and plants are blooming. While not every bloom smells appealing, most of them are wonderful…and some are surprising!

One morning, we were treated to an amazing floral fragrance that was both delicate and aromatic. We looked for the flowers that were responsible, fruitlessly at first; only when we later noticed black locust trees were in bloom and stopped to smell them did we realize it was the locust trees that smelled so delightful. The flowers are white and they grow in an unusual formation, almost like little pea pods. If you get a chance to smell them, you simply must – it’s a unique and pleasing fragrance. I’ll be harvesting some and making something enjoyable with these, for certain.


Today, when we were doing the morning feeding, another lovely aroma greeted us – very floral and sweet. I knew the source was nearby, given how strong it was; a quick search revealed that the wicked brambles that provide shade and cover in a corner of the area near the barn were in bloom and the small flowers smelled sweetly like roses. We’ll have to stop and smell them each day, as long as they continue to bloom.

Other little unidentified wildflowers have popped up randomly around the farm. Some are bright yellow, others are white or mostly white with a bit of a pink tinge. Crimson roses have appeared, very striking against the green backdrop. Sadly, the peonies’ time has passed, just as our friend MJK said it would: the magenta blooms burst forth with their plush radiance, only to fade in a few days, dropping petals everywhere like tears. I guess it could be argued that fleeting beauty makes you appreciate it more – but an encore would be nice.

Later, the elderflowers will appear with their delicious fragrance, just asking to be made into infused syrup and then into incredible cocktails and live beverages. The honeysuckle will tantalize us with its heady scent, and will be appreciated in wine and infused oil. And goldenrod, so abundant here, will also be used for wine and infusions. Summer’s bounty is very welcome!

Don’t forget to stop and appreciate the beauty and fragrance of those flowers. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

One thought on “Flowers Everywhere: Blooms Around The Farm

  1. Looks beautiful!! We’ve had rain everyday for almost a week and it will continue into the weekend as well. The upside is all the plants are just loving it and everything looks very lush. Those black locust blossoms are very unique. Almost look like orchids dripping. I wonder if your brambles might be wild blackberries…

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