Knit This: Tricky Trinity Stitch

Trinity stitch, sometimes I hate you…

Sometimes stitches just don’t want to cooperate. Yes, I know I may be anthropomorphizing, but this particular one – Trinity – keeps making an extra stitch appear. From where??

I’ve practice-knit swatches in this pattern multiple times now, and when I get to the end of rows 2 and 4 (after all the p3tog and k1,p1,k1 in the same stitch business), there’s an extra loop looking at me. I think it has attitude, too.

I count carefully and it seems like everything should end with one loop left to k1 in, but no, there are two! Not one. The math works out in the pattern, but not on my needles.

What to do? Keep at it, of course. I did have a row that worked out as intended…a few times, now. It was wonderful and I’ve held onto that feeling, remembering that it’s possible. lol But why won’t row 4 come out properly, too?

So why keep at it? Because it’s a challenge, and I like challenges. I also know that one day, the pattern will go smoothly and I’ll laugh at myself, remembering how many times I had to redo this one. And I know that it’s worth it…because I can overcome this obstacle!

Update: I finally figured it out, and it was almost embarrassingly simple – in row 4, I was omitting the last “k1,p1,k1 into the next stitch”! Once I knitted the last one of these, the final stitch was k1and the row was complete. Success!!