Haiku: Sights And Sounds Of Spring

The weather has been strange lately: it went from very cold and snowy to unseasonably warm (mid-70’s!) with severe winds and thunderstorms in the span of a few days. Around here, you just roll with it. Once it begins to warm – even for a brief spell – the plants awaken and the landscape greens rapidly.

The small green shoots of the day lilies are poking up from the ground – a little frostbitten but determined. Future wine!

Dandelions have emerged from the insulating leaf litter, too. Spring is coming – the plants know!

And who doesn’t love a cheerfully loud frog chorus? We had to stop briefly during our walk to listen to the serenade.

The peepers, peeping –
A symphony of frog song
For Spring’s arrival.

After the cold and dark of winter, I, too, feel like a green plant shoot, reaching up from the soil…ready for spring.