Haiku: Eyes In The Dark

Some people find the unblinking stare of a cat unsettling, but it captures my imagination. It makes me think that the wheels are turning…that schemes are being concocted.

Or, perhaps, that he’s observing or contemplating something that tests the boundaries of human comprehension: multiverses, apparitions, the meaning of existence, free will versus determinism..?

Or maybe he’s just tracking dust motes or other miniscule objects that I simply can’t see.

What do you think is going on here?

Haiku: An Ode To Amazing Black Cats

When I was a kid, a “stray” black cat adopted my family (it turned out that she actually belonged to neighbors). She was a wonderful cat, with a warm, affectionate personality, and when she had kittens, the neighbors said that I could have one, a little brown tabby. Before I could claim that kitten, though, the neighbors moved away with the kittens…and left mama cat behind. So she really did become ours, and she was a truly special girl. I don’t have any photos of her, but I will always remember her as a gentle, understanding friend.
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