Haiku: Guardian Of The Elderberries (Mantid Series #1)

The elderberry harvest was phenomenal this year; there were many more productive bushes, providing a bounty of elderflowers (from which an ethereally delightful wine was made), followed by more berries, than I’ve seen in the past. When I went out to collect a last few clusters for syrup before the berries overripened, I almost didn’t notice the mantid patrolling the bush…and you can see why.

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Around The Farm: Burning Bushes, A Steadfast Sunflower, And Something Surprising

While it seems to have taken longer than usual, it’s like a switch has been flipped and the foliage is turning color. We’ve had a couple of beautiful fall days, with frost riming the grass in the morning and the kind of azure skies that only seem to appear at this time of year. Autumn’s beauty is spellbinding – and worthy of appreciation.

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Around The Farm: Weirdly Wonderful Wheel Bugs

Big, beautiful Wheel Bug

One of the really amazing benefits of not using chemicals on our pastures is the great diversity of bug life. While some are breathtaking (Monarchs joyfully flitting about), others are troublesome (Japanese beetles making lace doilies out of leaves). Fortunately, the “pests” have natural predators, like the stately and stealthy Wheel Bug.

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